Ceramic Grinding Media Supplier

      Pingxiang Baitian New Materials Co., Ltd. is found by numbers of technical experts working in well-known Ceramic enterprises in Japan, America, and domestic senior practitioners.

      It’s a high-tech enterprise with R&D, production and sales.

      With a factory covering an area of 100,000 square meters, we focus on the production and sales of  Bio-dental, solid fuel cells, 3D printing and other high purity zirconia powder, zirconia /alumina micro crystalline ceramic grinding media.

      We are the sole agent of RIMI zirconia beads, maintaining long-term partnership relation with the Israel Ceramics Institute.

      We strictly implement ISO9001 quality control management system. At present, we have 4 senior engineers, 1 Ph.D candidate, 10 intermediate and professional technical personnel. Moreover, we have carried out industry-university-research cooperation with domestic first-class universities, South China University of Technology, Central South University and Hunan University.


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Preparation of 24% Spirochetes Diester Suspension Agent

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Preparation of 24% Spirochetes Diester Suspension Agent

The preparation of 24% spirochetes diester suspension agent for control of citrus red spider was studied.