High Purity Alumina Ceramic Grinding Balls

Alumina ceramic is an industrial oxide ceramic that has high hardness, is long wearing. It is manufactured from bauxite and can be shaped using injection molding, die pressing, isostatic pressing, slip casting, diamond machining and extrusion.Alumina ceramics are a technical ceramic due to their properties and price to performance ratio. The classification of alumina ceramics is based on their alumina content, which can vary from 70% to 99.9%. The higher the purity of alumina, the stronger is its wear and corrosion resistance. Refined from 99.999% high purity aluminum powder, high purity impurity free grinding medium.

Types of Alumina Grinding Ball

High Purity Alumina Grinding Bead
High Purity Alumina Grinding Bead
High Purity Alumina Grinding Bead


1. Dielectric, Piezoelectric, MLCC and other electronic materials.

2. Rare earth phosphor material

3. Electrode material of Lithium battery and other battery application

4. Electronic ceramics, sapphire ,transparent ceramic materials

5. Pigment, ink and other materials

6. High purity quartz sand, quartz crucible raw material grinding

7. Medicine, pesticide, antibacterial materials, powder food type nano materials


1. Rockwell hardness of alumina ceramics, measured by Shanghai Silicate Research of Institute of CAS(Chinese Academy of Sciences), is HRA80-90. Its hardness ranks second after diamond and far exceeds the wear resistance of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel.

2. The wear resistance of alumina ceramics, measured by Institute of Powder Metallurgy of Central South University, is 266 times that of manganese steel and 171.5 times that of high chromium cast iron. According to our customer investigation in the past ten years, lifetime of equipment extends more than 10 times than before by means of alumina ceramics.

3. The density of alumina ceramic is only half that of steel, which can greatly reduce the equipment load.

4. The property of high temperature resistance ensures alumina ceramics to be used at 1600℃ for a long time.

5. Corrosion resistance of alumina ceramics is very strong.

6.Good electrical insulation performance, especially at high temperature, make sure per millimeter thickness of alumina ceramic able to withstand more than 8,000 voltage.

7. Energy saving – the proportion of high purity aluminum beads only 2/3 of the zirconium beads, the corresponding filling amount is only 2/3 of the zirconium beads.Accordingly, energy consumption during grinding is reduced.

Why Choose Our Alumina Grinding Balls

Our production of high purity alumina beads, purity of 99.99% or more, wear has been comparable to imports of similar products, some products wear less than ten thousandths of two per hour (single head rapid grinding), with excellent cost performance.

Properties of 99.9% Alumina


Units Value

Flexural Strength, MOR (20 °C)

MPa 350 – 600

Fracture Toughness, KIc

MPa m1/2

4.0 – 5.0

Thermal Conductivity (20 °C) W/m K

28 – 35

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

1 x 10-6/°C 8.0 – 8.5

Maximum Use Temperature


1750 – 1800

Dielectric Strength (6.35mm) ac-kV/mm


Dielectric Loss (tan δ)

1MHz, 25 °C

10-4 to 10-3

Volume Resistivity (25°C) Ω-cm

1014 to > 1015