Ceramic Packing Material

Ceramic packing material has excellent acid resistance and heat resistance, and can resist the corrosion of various acids and bases except fluorooxic acid.

Ceramic packing material can be used in chemical, metallurgy, acid, gas, oxygen, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry and other industries of washing tower, cooling tower, recycling tower, desulfurization tower, drying tower, absorption tower and reactor lining.

Types of Ceramic Material

13X molecular sieve
5A molecular sieve
4A molecular sieve
3A molecular sieve
Infrared Ceramic Burner Plate
Ceramic Foam Filter

Why Choose Us

1. It can adsorb molecules with kinetic diameters smaller than 9A, 5A, 4A, 3A(0.9nm, 0.5nm, 0.4nm, 0.3nm) and exclude those larger molecules.

2. It has the highest adsorbent capacity and very good mass transfer rate.

3. It is non-toxic, safe and reliable to human body, and has no adverse effects on ecosystem.