Dental Zirconia Powder

Dental zirconium oxide powder/Bio-zirconia powder/Powder for dental block

General Character

3mol-8mol% Dental Yttria stabilizer Superfine zirconia powder

White powder

Double plastic film sealed plastic bucket:25kg/drum.

With advantages of impurities controlled at PPM level, small and narrow particle size distribution and consistent specific surface area, products processed with this series of powders have characteristic of low sintering temperature, beautiful appearance, high strength, high toughness, good anti-aging properties, no pinhole and easily to process machining etc.

The translucency of zirconium oxide powder is from 35~48. Similar like Japan 
powder, and the detailed specifications and models are requested to consult sales service.

Remark:can be customized for clients. The main parameters include:  yttrium content, specific surface area, particle size, bulk density, flowability, purity,and sinter shrinkage.

Product Details

Technical Data Sheet


Widely used in manufacturing of high quality dental ceramic with high strength,high light transmittance, strong wear resistance, high toughness, good aging resistance and good biocompatibility.


Plastic Bucket /25kg

Metal Bucket /25kg

Cardboard Box/20kg