High Purity Alumina Grinding Ball


High Purity Alumina Grinding Beads/99.99% Alumina Balls

Suitable for chemical, ceramic, electronic materials, magnetic materials, special cement, paint, medicine, coatings, refractory materials, mining and other industries of grinding and catalytic support.

Product Details


1. Excellent abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance is higher than the zirconia beads when the high hardness ceramics is ground. It has uniform texture and fine alumina crystal structure, high purity aluminum ball wear resistance is very high, not easy to break, long life.

2. High purity

It contains very low levels of radioactive isotopes so used for limited use of radioactive elements. The purity of the alumina beads is 99.99%or more. When grinding, no contamination other than alumina.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance

High purity alumina ball has a strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkali, in the grinding of high alumina ball with grinding slurry temperature rise, wear resistance will reduce, but the high purity alumina ball will affected by this kind of impact, high purity alumina ball can withstand a wider temperature range.

4. Energy saving of grinding and dispersion

The density of alumina is 2/3 of the zirconia bead, and the filling weight to the mill is 2/3. In addition, the consumption energy when grinding can be decreased.

Typical purity data

Element Na K Si Fe Mg Ca Cr
Content (ppm) 8 4 10 8 3 3 2

(U:4ppb or less,Th:5ppb or less)
Analysis by ICP

For more details technical data, Please contact sales manger or email.


1)Dielectric, Piezoelectric, MLCC and other electronic materials;

2)Rare earth phosphor material;

3)Electrode material of Lithium battery and other battery application;

4)Electronic ceramics, sapphire, transparent ceramic materials;

5)Pigment, ink and other materials;

6)High purity quartz sand, quartz crucible raw material grinding and grinding;

7)Medicine, pesticide, antibacterial materials, powder food type nano materials.

Physical Properties

Density 3.9
Bulk Density 2.5
Hardness(Hv) 1100
Sphericity(%) 98%
Standard Size(mm) φ0.1mm, φ0.2mm, φ0.3mm, φ0.4mm, φ0.5mm~φ30mm
Packing(kg) 25 Plastic Drum

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