Infrared Ceramic Burner Plate


Product Details

Infrared Ceramic Burner Plate 1


High mechanical Strength;
Large specific surface area;
Geometric size regular;
Uniform radiant burning;
Excellent thermal shock resistance;
Save up to 30~50% energy cost;
Burn without flame, high burning efficiency, low noise;
Has no carbon combustion channel non clogging;
Reduce the harmful gas such as CO, NOx, etc more than 90%.


Barbecues Gyro Cookers Evaporators Ranges
Broilers Pizza Ovens Gas Ovens Rotisserie Ovens
Convection Ovens Pressure Fryers Griddles Space Heaters
Deep Fat Fryers Process Greenhouse CO2 Sear Cookers


Performance Index
Item Date Notes
Materials Cordierite We can customize the products according to your drawing.
Water Absorption 50.4%
Open Porosity 61%
Specific Gravity 0.6-0.9g/cm3
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 1.5-3(×10-6K-1)
Temperature Softening >1280℃
Cooking Surface Temperature 1000-1200℃
CO Release ≤0.006%
NOx Release ≤5ppm