Magnesia Stabilizer Zirconia Powder


Magnesia stabilizer zirconia powder
Divide into Magnesia stabilizer zirconia powder Airflow powder and Spray Granulation Powder,Light yellow powder and White powder.
Impurities controlled at PPM level, super fine and narrow particle size distribution and consistent specific surface area, products processed with this series of powders have characteristic of low sintering temperature, beautiful appearance, high strength, high toughness, good anti-aging properties, no pinhole and easily to process machining etc.

Product Details


Can be customized for clients.

The main parameters include: specific surface area, particle size, bulk density, flow ability, purity,and sinter shrinkage.

Chemical Content

Details please consult customer service


used for textile ceramic pieces, high temperature wire drawing dies, pulley cone, therm ocouple protection tubes, oil pipelines, oxygen probe protective.

oxygen sensor and precision structural parts for metallurgical industry,
coating of turbine blades for energy industry,
ballistic missile and protective armor coatings.


  • Plastic Bucket /25kg
  • Metal Bucket /25kg
  • Cardboard Box/20kg