Reflex Balancing beads

Ball-tec® Reflex aspires to be a leader in tire balancing field, developing, manufacturing and trading top-notch tire balancing beads and related products. Reflex Beads are a type of non-metal spheres with high density, what continuously rebalance your tires when you drive. Being both chemically and physically stable, our beads are will not cause damage to any parts of the tires or wheels, even if in extreme weather situations.

Unbalanced tires lead to vibration of wheels and suspension systems, especially at higher speed, causing tires to wear unevenly and making them more vulnerable to external damages. If you own a pick-up truck, commercial truck, motorhome, RV, tractor trailer, motorcycle or similar vehicles, you could totally trust that Reflex Balancing Beads is the easiest and safest method for getting rid of wheel vibrations and balancing your tires.

Product Details

Key Benefits of Reflex Beads

1.Easy Installed

Whether you are a professional car repair engineer or an ordinary car user, Reflex beads could be installed quite easily. For different types of tires, you can choose different installation methods. Please refer to the “Installation” page for specific installation details. In addition, we also offer a professional “Calculator” to help you know how much Reflex should be used. If you still have any questions about installation, please feel free to “Contact Us” and we will provide you with comprehensive technical support within 24 hours.

2.Lower Fuel Consumption

When the vehicle speed reaches 50kpm or higher, the resonance effect caused by the tire imbalance, brings about a large loss of kinetic energy of the vehicle, so that the fuel consumption is greatly increased. Reflex can dynamically reduce tire resonance, which means that once you install Reflex, it has already begun to reduce your fuel consumption. The longer you use it, the more money you save.

3.Extend Tire Lifes

Reflex balancing beads reduce rolling resistance, which means less tire wear. When the tire is in equilibrium during use, it also ensures that the daily wear is even and minimal, resulting in a significant increase in tire life. Extending tire life allows you to use the same tires for longer, which is quite a substantial benefit.

4.Lower Maintenance Cost

Excessive violent vibrations cause the various parts of the vehicle to rub against each other, resulting in irreversible damage. You may therefore have to pay a large fee each year to maintain the vehicle and parts. Reflex largely reduces the frequency of friciton between components and greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the vehicle during the same time.

5.Abusolutely Safe

Reflex Beads are made of high molecular inorganic non-metallic materials, their quality will not change due to the variation of temperature or humidity, so that they would not cause any damage to the inner tires or TPMS. Being chemically stable and completely non-toxic, they will not cause any damage to human skin, so the whole installation process is absolutely safe.


The raw materials used to make reflex are chemically stable, and most of them come directly from nature. We have also been strictly controlling the whole production process to ensure that there is no harm to the environment. Therefore, our products are completely environmentally friendly, and we promise that we will adhere to this in the future product development process.

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