Yttria stabilizer zirconia powder

ZO-P-Y Series

3mol%-8mol% Yttria stabilizer zirconia powder, Various type with different binder and lubricating. Granulation spray powder, white powder and airflow powder

With advantages of impurities controlled at PPM level, small and narrow particle size distribution and consistent specific surface area, products processed with this series of powders have characteristic of low sintering temperature, beautiful appearance, high strength, high toughness, good anti-aging properties, no pinhole and easily to process machining etc.

Remark:can be customized for clients. The main parameters include:  yttrium content, specific surface area, particle size, bulk density, flow ability, purity,and sinter shrinkage.

Product Details


used for precision ceramics, piezoelectric element, electronic materials, ceramic material, optical lens, glass additives, fused zirconia brick, ceramic pigment, glaze, optical glass, sensors, artificial stones, refractory materials, grinding and polishing industry.


Plastic Bucket /25kg

Metal Bucket /25kg

Cardboard Box/20kg

Technical Data:

Products Item Specification Aplication
Monoclinic powder ZO-P-OY High pure powder Injection molding
Tetragoral ultra-fine powder ZO-P-3Y 3mol% Y2O3 Stabilizer without binder Ceramic Parts,Grinding ball,Cutting toll.etc
Tetragoral spray dried powder ZO-P-3Y-S 3mol% Y2O3 Stabilizer with binder Ceramic Parts,Grinding ball,Cutting toll.etc
Smol% Y2O3 powder ZO-P-SY 5mol% Y2O3 Stabilizer without binder refractory
Cubic ultra-fine powder ZO-P-8Y 8mol% Y2O3 Stabilizer without binder Sensitive Component  Solid Battery
Zirconia toughering alumina powder ZO-P-Z Ziconia and alumina powder mixture Ceramic parts,Grinding media
MgO-Stabilized Zirconia Powder ZO-P-Mg magnesia-stabilized Metallurgical petrochemical fields
Optical Fiber Connector Ferrule powder ZO-P-OF Optical Fiber Connector Ferrule powder Optical Fiber Connector
Eletronic Ceramics Zironia Powder ZO-P-EC Electronic Ceramics Zirconia Powder Electronic Ceramics
Powder for Fuel Cell Electrolyte ZO-P-SSZ Fuel Cell Electrolyte Zirconia powder Fuel Cell Electrolyte
Powder for Denture Restoration ZO-P-DT dry pressing-isostatic pressing Denture
Black Zironia powder ZO-P-B Black Color Zirconia Powder Black cutting tools
Item Zr(Hf)O2


















Bulk density g/m2 (min)% BET



ZO-P-3Y 94.0 5.25±0.25 0.020 0.003 0.005 0.23±0.02 0.1 0.002 1.0 1.15~1.45 6~15 <1.0
ZO-P-3Y-S 94.0 5.25±0.25 0.020 0.005 —— 0.23±0.02 0.1 0.002 5.0 1.15~1.45 6~15 <1.4
ZO-P-8Y 86 13.25±0.25 0.020 0.003 0.005 —— 0.1 0.002 1.0 —— —— <1.0