Zirconia Toughening Alumina Powder


ZTA Zirconia Toughening alumina powder

Various Types: Divide by zirconia content(15%、20%、30%、70%)

White powder

With typical advantages of low sintering temperature and uniform dispersion of two components; product processed with this powders have the characteristics of easily machining properties after firing, high strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, good corrosion resistance and high temperature stability.

Product Details

Remark:can be customized for clients. The main parameters include:  yttrium content, specific surface area, particle size, bulk density, flowability, purity,a nd sinter shrinkage.


used for precision ceramics, piezoelectric element, electronic materials, ceramic material, optical lens, glass additives, fused zirconia brick, ceramic pigment, glaze, optical glass, sensors, artificial stones, refractory materials, grinding and polishing industry.


Plastic Bucket /25kg

Metal Bucket /25kg

Cardboard Box/20kg