The revision of the national standard of “energy consumption limit per unit product of microcrystalline alumina ceramic grinding ball” was started

       On May 13, 2021, Chongqing held the “building sanitary ceramics and microcrystalline alumina ceramic grinding ball unit product energy consumption limit” (building sanitary ceramics part) national standard revision launch meeting.Representatives from Jianwei pottery enterprises attended the opening meeting.        “Energy Consumption Limit of Microcrystalline Alumina Ceramic Grinding Ball” is a […]

Zirconia Roundtable: How to Break Out of the Weird Circle?

 “Breakthrough” is something that all industries are always looking for, and zirconia is no exception.Late on September 18, on the eve of the zirconia technology exchange meeting held, with “fusion, and vertical and horizontal, innovation, development” as the theme of “zirconia special BBS” round table as the food is first end on the table…

Industry Focus: Preparation of 0.05mm Zirconia Microbeads by Sol-Gel Method (Report)

Ball milling is an important means of preparing ultrafine and nano-sized powders. Although there are many grinding materials available, zirconia is by far the most popular choice.

Topic roundtable: zirconia and new materials, new energy industry

Zirconia ceramics are versatile. At first, zirconia entered the field of refractory materials because of its excellent heat resistance. Later, more talents were gradually developed and mixed in the fields of grinding media, polishing materials, structural parts, gemstone materials and catalyst carriers.Today’s zirconia continues to be used in traditional fields and has great potential in new materials and new energy fields.