Topic roundtable: zirconia and new materials, new energy industry

      Zirconia ceramics are versatile. At first, zirconia entered the field of refractory materials because of its excellent heat resistance. Later, more talents were gradually developed and mixed in the fields of grinding media, polishing materials, structural parts, gemstone materials and catalyst carriers.Today’s zirconia continues to be used in traditional fields and has great potential in new materials and new energy fields.

      The most popular “5G related materials” and “new energy industry” in the current era can not be without a zirconia ceramics.For example, ceramic filters are a key component in the construction of 5G base stations, and zirconia ceramics are also an important candidate.In the “new energy industry”, which is highly valued by The Times, zirconia ceramics cannot be left behind. For example, the solid oxide fuel cell, which has a promising development prospect at present, zirconia ceramics can be applied to its solid electrolyte material because of its ultra-high ionic conductivity, good chemical stability and structural stability.

      In the “2019 national preparation of zirconia ceramics and fine processing technology exchange meeting”, Dr Ya-guang sun from henan university of technology in zirconia on the evening of the special conference reports (i.e., late on September 18, 2019) launched a theme “fusion and innovation and development, zirconium oxide powder and new materials, new energy industry” round table meeting.Dr. Sun Yaguang, the moderator of this roundtable, has long been active in the scientific research activities and the front-line of the zirconium industry. He knows the current situation and development of the zirconia industry like the back of his hand, which is worth looking forward to.

Pingxiang Industrial Ceramics Roundtable on the scene of the war of words

 Attached: Pingxiang Industrial Ceramics Roundtable on the scene of the war of words

September 6, 2019

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