Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Grinding Media

The ubiquity of zirconium is a silver-lining to the material’s many desirable properties and its increasing commercial stature. Partially-stabilised zirconia ceramics are increasingly utilised in hard-wearing and high temperature applications, due to the material’s exceptional thermomechanical properties. Abrasives, enamels, insulation, protective coatings, refractories;there are numerous established applications that continue to benefit from the exceptional performance of yttria-stabilised zirconia (YSZ).

Types of YSZ Grinding Media

Zirconium silicate Bead 1
Zirconia Alumina Composite Ceramic Bead
zirconia bead
Cerium Zirconia Oxide Bead 2


From the point of view of grinding materials, ZIRCONIA has three outstanding characteristics compared with other ceramic grinding media: high density, strong hardness and good toughness. 

Although the procurement cost is also large, but the comprehensive use cost also has an advantage, more importantly, part of the high purity materials can not be polluted with low wear it. Such as grinding electronic components slurry, metal Fe, Cu and other elements should be avoided, containing Fe2O3 or CuSO4 and other components of the grinding medium is not selected. So zirconia grinding medium is very suitable for the occasion requiring low impurities.

1. High Density

First of all, zirconia has high density, which is larger than the crushing energy of major impact force. Compared with the mass use of alumina ceramic magic ball, the density of high-quality zirconia ceramics can reach 6.0g/cm (alumina density is about 3.5g/cm³-3.9g/cm³), so the impact force is large, under the same conditions, can greatly reduce the grinding time required, let the material grind the process section more.

2. Strong Hardness

The hardness of zirconia ceramics and alumina ceramics is similar, about 12-14gpa, and the strength is up to 800-1000mpa, fracture toughness can reach 10MPa·m1/2, are 2~3 times of alumina ceramics, so zirconia crushing strength is not easy to damage, and its very low wear can significantly reduce the introduction of impurities between grinding materials. It is very suitable for sand mill, high-speed vibration mill and other equipment, especially in some fields sensitive to impurities is cost-effective. Less beads and wear, no need to often fill, so the cost of comprehensive use is still relatively low.

3. Good Toughness

Many engineering ceramics are characterised by their fracture toughness, and few can match the performance of zirconia ceramics in this area. This property is expressed in terms of units of force per unit of surface area, typically megapascals per metre-squared (MPa m½). Zircalon 5, a proprietary zirconia ceramic from International Syalons, boasts an approximate fracture toughness of 8.0 MPa m½. To put that into context: Syalon 101, our strongest engineering ceramic, has an inferior crack resistance of 7.7 MPa m½.

YSZ Grinding Media Applications

1. Electronic industry

Piezoelectric ceramics, inductor ceramics, capacitor ceramics, semiconductor ceramics, etc.

2.Battery industry

Lithium cobalt acid, lithium iron phosphate materials.

3.Chemical industry

Paint, coating, ink, pigment, ceramic ink, etc.

4.Ceramic industry

Refractory materials, glazes, zirconium silicate, structural ceramics, etc.

5.Other industries

Food, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

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1. Chemical Data

Chemical symbol

ZrO2 / Y2O3




Zirconium 4

Yttrium 3

Oxygen 16

Electronic configuration

Zirconium [Kr] 4d2 5s2

Yttrium [Kr] 4d1 5s2

Oxygen [He] 2s2 2p4

2. Chemical Composition (based on 8 mol% Y2O3)









3. Properties


Metric Imperial

Molecular Weight


Melting Point ~2700°C