Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide, ZrO2) Powder

Zirconia powder is granulated in the form of spray dried particles. The standard diameter of a particle is about 50um, and each large particle is composed of many small particles. Its primary particle size is about 50nm.Yttrium stabilized zirconia powder produced by chemical method ensures balanced dispersion of yttrium oxide. Yttrium stabilized zirconia airflow powder flows smoothly and is easy to use after granulation. Zirconia granulated powder ceramics, because of the stress-induced phase change toughness can be called toughness ceramics, with high strength and good mechanical properties, produced products surface smooth, is widely used in various fields.

Types of Zirconia Powder

Magnesia Stabilizer Zirconia Powder
Zirconia Toughening Alumina Powder
Zirconium Oxide Powder
Dental Zirconia Powder


Suitable for electronic ceramics, optical lens, glass additive, electrodissolved zirconium brick, ceramic pigment, porcelain glaze, sensor, artificial gem, refractory material, grinding and polishing industries and products.

  • 3mol yttrium stabilized tetragonal zirconia granulation powder is currently the most widely used biomedical material. 3mol yttrium stabilized zirconia granulation powder is very suitable for mechanical pressing and isostatic pressing molding, so that users can save the trouble of adding adhesive and dispensing procedures.
  • 8mol yttrium stabilized zirconia granulation powder is a high purity cubic zirconia sintered body with high ionic conductivity, especially suitable for oxygen sensors and solid oxide fuel cells.

Why Choose Us

We offer a very wide range of zirconia powder products to meet the vast majority of your requirements. The specific surface area and median particle size can be controlled according to your requirements. We can also produce air flow powder and granulating powder according to your needs.

Various Products

As our best selling products, zirconium beads and powders come in many types according to their chemical composition. We sell zirconium beads of various sizes which are in great demand in the market. For our zirconium powders, they can be applied to many fields depending on their chemical composition. Moreover, we also have alumina beads of different purity. Since the establishment of the company, we continue to expand the research group, committed to producing more and more high quality grinding beads.

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Found by numbers of technical experts who have worked for years in well-known Ceramic enterprises in Japan and America and domestic senior practitioners, our company has high quality products and mature operating system. We are specializing in zirconia /alumina micro crystalline ceramic grinding media, bio-dental, solid fuel cells, 3D printing and other high purity zirconia powder, which have been researched and produced for over 20 years.

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