Zirconia Roundtable: How to Break Out of the Weird Circle?

       “Breakthrough” is something that all industries are always looking for, and zirconia is no exception.Late on September 18, on the eve of the zirconia technology exchange meeting held, with “fusion, and vertical and horizontal, innovation, development” as the theme of “zirconia special BBS” round table as the food is first end on the table, not only the round table meeting personnel scale and discuss passion is beyond the expectation of the organizers, professional insights from different areas, also let small make up a lot.

Zirconia Roundtable

       Given the relative downturn in the industry, one of the highlights of the roundtable discussion was how companies can seek breakthroughs under operating pressure.Among the participants, there are those from universities and enterprises.Some do materials, and some do equipment;Some from the upstream, also from the downstream, the collision and integration of different ideas, but also for the search for a “breakthrough” provides a good basis for discussion.

      On the “industry cycle” this topic, the first is from Zhengzhou Zhenzhong Electric Melting New Material Co., Ltd. Zhou Chunguang general manager proposed.Even if you are the first to make zirconia, he says, “there are more and more upstarts and more and more competition. If he wants to cut prices, you have to cut them. If he doesn’t cut prices, he won’t sell.”If you don’t jump out of this vicious circle, even if the market demand has not been reduced, the survival of enterprises will certainly become more and more difficult.

       As for the price of zirconia, Zhang Ang, general manager of Zibo Huachuang Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. also told his experience that from 2000 to now, the price of basic zirconia raw materials has been rising, but the price of terminal zirconia products has been cut by half.Because the market for zirconia is much smaller than that for alumina, a stable, high-volume market is needed to rescue it, which is why there was so much excitement at the launch of zirconia backplanes. But he also believes that “wild bets” should be avoided.However, Dr. Jiang Danyu, from the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that zirconia is still useful for smart wearers, which is still worth looking forward to.

       Exactly how to break through the “circle”, chun-guang zhou, general manager of that powder enterprise should put the survival of their points in the downstream enterprise survival point – create interest for them, that they can stand in front of peers, in other words, is enough to understand the needs of the downstream enterprises, and enhance their own research and development strength, create a better product.But the enterprise’s research and development level is limited, the best is to reach a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation relationship with colleges and universities, each other borrow strength together to open up a new way (such as zirconia high temperature coating, etc.), and strive to make one day can replace the excellent products of foreign products.

Mr. Zhou Chunguang, General Manager

Mr. Zhou Chunguang, General Manager

       To sum up, the key to breaking through zirconia’s cycle is quality.And Sun Zhiang from henan changxing industrial co., LTD., a professor at the example also confirms this from the side, from his point of view, the production of alumina is quite big, need every year hundreds of thousands of tons of grinding ball, if the quality of the zirconia grinding ball is better, can wear extent even further, even if the price expensive is also acceptable.

       In addition to the above content, in fact, there are many wonderful speeches, but unfortunately, due to the space can not show them all.Although the time of the roundtable meeting was short, what we gained was the insights and experience accumulated by the experts during the decades of working.Hereby, I would like to thank all the friends who participated in this roundtable meeting, and wish the zirconia industry a better future with your efforts!

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